Wii Points Generator – Legit or Scam?

If you are searching for a Wii Points Generator look no further, you have come to the right place. Take a moment, read this article and save yourself from a long and useless effort. There is no such thing as a Wii Codes Generator; there are only people who want to make your life miserable or to take advantage of you in some way.

On the internet, you can find two main categories of fake Wii Generators:

  • online generators, embedded in websites
  • programs files, downloadable, that run on your own computer

Wii Points Generator Online

New codes will be issued in:

Recently Expired codes:

This is just an example of a so-called Wii Points Generator, found by me on a website. I took the idea and built something somehow similar here. This scam Wii Points Generator is just a piece of common script, a combination of JavaScript and html/css:

  • the counter does not trigger anything. After you wait for minutes or a full hour, it resets, starting all over again, without generating any codes.
  • the old codes are fake, random combination of numbers, placed here just to mislead or get your attention.
  • the button "Generate Now!" is for the people that do not want to wait.

The owner of this junk will inform you that if you want codes generated instantly, you have to complete a survey. If you choose to do that, you waste your time because nothing ever happens, the generator does nothing. It will eventually give an error message or something, that the user has made a mistake or the survey has not been accepted.

Wii Points Generator Programs

If you search YouTube for "Wii Points Generator", you will find a multitude of videos claiming they have the program you need. With different colors and shapes, with professional or amateurish looks these programs try to convince you to choose one of them. None of them works; all are made with Microsoft Visual Studio - Visual Basic with one of the following purposes:

  • to make you complete a survey before downloading.
  • to infect your computer or steal your data, many are real viruses.
  • to deceive you in some way, asking you to visit a website, to like something on Facebook or to subscribe to them on YouTube.


  • A website who asks you to complete a single survey for a Wii Code, will never give you one. These websites are affiliated to "CPA Lead" sites (cpalead.com, adscendmedia.com, etc.) and are paid $0.10-$1.00 for each survey completed by their visitors. How could they afford to give every visitor even the cheapest Wii code, 500 points ($5.00 worth), for a $0.50 survey?
  • If you want a Wii Card Code, you have to buy it with your money or your credit card or to find a legit website with good reputation, thousands of members, moderators and administrators where you can complete offers and surveys until you earn enough money or points to buy your card. These websites exists and I recommend Points2shop. If you're interested visit please my home page: free Wii Points.

UPDATE: The JavaScript code for the countdown counter can be found free on stackoverflow.com, here.

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