How to Get Free Nintendo Wii Points

How to get Wii Points - 2000 Nintendo card redeemed from Points2shop.

Most people buy their cards from online stores, although there is also another way to get free Wii Points by completing free offers and surveys. Many trustworthy websites like Rewards1 or Prizerebel offer this possibility. I recommend Points2shop:

  • no investment is needed,
  • no special knowledge or special skills are required,
  • you do not even need a credit card.

This way to get free Wii Points requires a little bit of your spare time and some work but it is 100% legal. In a couple of days, you can get your Wii Card mailed to your address or even better, just a Wii Points Code sent to your email account.

How does this work? Is it legal?

Points2shop is a place that brings together advertisers and persons interested to earn different free things by completing offers and surveys:

  • advertisers pay Points2shop to post their offers on the website. Points2shop pays you for the offers and surveys completed with points (100points=$1.00).
  • when you have enough points you order your free Wii Points card and this will be mailed to your address. If you request so and if there are available, they can send the free Wii Points code to your email account, within hours.

Points2shop keeps a commission from the advertiser's payments and receive an affiliated marketing commission from the place where they buy all the stuff. Therefore, it is a legit and legal business.

Can I see some proof that this works?

  • Points2shop is online since 2007 and it has more than three million members. If you want to visit the website, take a look at the people in the "Shoutbox", click their names and you will see what they earned. There is also a very large Testimonials page, but the thing I suggest to look at is "Our Team" - a presentation page for this team, people with names and picture, owners, administrators, moderators, more than a dozen persons. Do you see that on a scam site?
  • I am a member since May 2009. Believe me, this works. My Testimonials. Thousands of gamers from all over the world use this website to get free Wii Points, or Xbox live subscriptions or to buy different stuff from The only downside is that this works better for people who live in the US, UK, and CA, although it works also for many other countries.

Get free Wii points, in three easy steps!

Sign up with your real data: a good email, your name and address. They request the address to send your checks (you will see that is possible to earn cash as well) or mail your prizes. The site does not spam. Confirm the registration link sent to your email address and that is all! If you are from UK or US you receive a registration bonus of 250 points (100 points = $1.00). Sign up Here!

If you have signed up and confirmed your email, you are ready to complete offers or surveys. You can also earn more points by playing games, participating in contests, referring other people, playing the lottery and a lot more! Read Questions page to get more info.
1. Click "Earn Points" tab in the upper left corner on Points2shop homepage. Then, "Free Offers".
2. Follow the directions in the description, complete the offer or survey and mark it as completed. Then play a quick game to get a bonus in points!

Earn credits

This is the most pleasant part for the millions of enthusiastic gamers who use Points2shop. After you have received enough points, you can order your Wii Points card or virtually anything from! Click on the "Spend Points", then click "Gift Cards" and select the code to you want to be mailed or emailed to you!

Spend credits

I hope you will like Points2shop as much as I do! Thank you for visiting my site!

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